Managerial and Action Plan

Frankston Beach Association Inc. Managerial and Action Plan 2020/2021 

The Frankston Beach Association (FBA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit incorporated organisation established in 1982. FBA works alongside Frankston City Council to safeguard the marine and coastal values of the municipality’s thirteen-kilometre-long stretch of coastline from Carrum to Mount Eliza. We work for the preservation and improvement of coastal foreshore assets and advocate for appropriate environmentally friendly uses of the beach.  

Mission: Our aim is to be a valuable community stakeholder, active worker and advocator for the ongoing preservation and enhancement of the natural marine and coastal values of Frankston which are facing increased pressures from visitor numbers, watercraft use and pollutants.  

About Us: Frankston’s coastline has its northern boundary at Keast Park, Seaford and it continues southwards to the mouth of Kackeraboite Creek, Mount Eliza. FBA focuses principally on the beach area between Olivers Hill and the Mile Bridge, while the Frankston Environment Friends Network (FEFN) and the Friends of Seaford Foreshore Reserve share a common interest in the foreshore reserve between the Mile Bridge and Keast Park.  

Olivers Hill to Mile Bridge

The Frankston Beach Association was first established to champion the cause of the natural 

coastal environment and its unique values in the face of a proposed large boat marina at the base of the iconic Olivers Hill, which posed a threat to the natural, historic, cultural and environment values of the beach. After extensive advocacy, inquiries and panel hearings, the marina proposal was discontinued.  Ever since, FBA has been a key stakeholder working with relevant authorities and the community in balancing protection of natural coastal values with increasing demand for beach and bay uses.  

In collaboration with Frankston City Council, FBA Inc seeks to protect and enhance the key values of Frankston’s coastal foreshore. The following strategic objectives guide our decision making and provide a broad direction for our active participation to conserve and protect biodiversity and ecological integrity:

  • to conserve and protect the value of the land to the culture and heritage of Aboriginal peoples (Boon Wurrung and Bunarong) and conserve and protect other cultural heritage;
  • to encourage recreation, tourism and community use that aids an appreciation of the area’s landscape, natural and cultural heritage values; 
  • to provide for sustainable resource use, and 
  • to improve the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of key values, aid performance assessment and contribute to the scientific basis for improving and adapting future management to achieve best practices.

Currently there are around 75 financial members of the FBA. New members are always welcome. A small group of around 12 members make up a committee of management which generally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. An annual general meeting is held towards the end of each calendar year.  

The annual membership fee is only $10 ($5 concession) and donations are very welcome. In recent years, FBA has been successful in obtaining grants which have primarily been used for foreshore revegetation with plants indigenous to the area and for removal of invasive and introduced weeds.

Frankston Beach Association is proud that our organisation, as well as a number of long-time individual members have received awards over the years in recognition of significant community contribution. As might be expected, there is a wealth of historic knowledge as well as current local knowledge of the bay, creeks and surrounding area.  

Frankston Beach Association receiving award for community contribution

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